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In this world health comes first than wealth. As in Indian culture “PEHLA SUKH NIROGI KAYA” means the top most wealth is health. For maintaining health we approach the different hospitals as per our choice.

Why we are going for choice because we had a very good concern about the particular hospitals like the Doctors, the medical staff, the cleanliness and hygiene environment along with this the architecture of hospital is also a big issue of concern.

So in this article I m going to let my readers know that what kind of facilities should a healthcare Consultancy provides to hospitals for making it at first choice of patients.

HCS the Healthcare Consultancy Services is the organization that is purely providing consultancy related services. This organization has extremely qualified team of Doctors and has many experts from various streams like planning, policies designing and Marketing, Engineering, Management and construction.

A healthcare consultancy becomes popular because of its services and facilities and the facilities that are being providing by HCS are awesome. This healthcare consultancy has a key role to provide Medical Treatment Assistance in India at the right time, right moment. The sparking facility is the NGO of HCS named “SPARSH”.

In it the consultancy to the patients is free of cost so whenever a patient comes for a better consultancy the NGO will give free assistance for getting better hospitals, clinic and Doctors according to their diesis so this will be the best facility for patients. The NGO has been completed successful 15 years that is a big figure to keep in mind.

Dr. Anuj Sharma the Director of HCS has a profound knowledge to run a health consultancy. He has about 23 years of experience in this field. He is a maestro for making business plan that how to run a hospital in India. He has a extremely talented bunch of people for it that are ever ready to serve in any manner.

Building and turn-key Management of Hospitals

It is the pivotal features a consultancy should provide.

We must consider that what will comes under this big umbrella of feature. A long chronicle will comes under this as it should have-

Business plan, Budget Assessment, Technical Specifications

Technical Selections for skilled manpower,

Equipments and logistics – quality, shipment, Negotiations and purchasing

Human resource management- staff hiring, Training, Working environment

Hospital security –fire, radioprotection

Administrative license

Infrastructure Pre programming for better building

Agenda for clinical activities and medico-technical efficiency

Functional Architectural Orientations

Revenue and operating costs assessment

Although these points will play a crucial role to bring a hospital at top but the quintessential point is patient’s care that must be the first priority of any hospital. I have written this to give my review

 Vis-à-vis healthcare consultancy hopes it will be beneficial for you.

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